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      ACCS is now offering wDSL Broadband with XR Technology. XR technology is a step above anything ever we've offered to residential customers. We are currently rolling it out in neighborhoods all over Clinton County!
No equipment to buy!*
      wDSLXR plans are available with FREE equipment! (A $300 value.)

Reduced Price!
      Residential wDSLXR is now only $39.95/month!

Extended Range
      wDSLXR can be rapidly deployed to neighborhoods anywhere in Clinton County.

10x faster than dial-up!
      wDSLXR is up to 10x faster than dial-up internet.

XR Technology
      wDSLXR utilizes cutting edge highspeed wireless technology. XR based internet is faster, more reliable, encrypted and secure, works at longer ranges, and uses lower cost customer equipment. XR is the answer to under served and isolated neighborhoods.

SPAM filtered e-mail!
      All ACCS email accounts have our sophisticated spam filter. We use a variety of modern techniques such as: dnsbl, bayesian filters, graylisting, SPF, SURBL, RBL, Black and white lists. Many of the spam settings are configurable from webmail!

VIRUS filtered e-mail!
      All email passing through ACCS mail servers are automatically scanned for viruses! We remove thousands of computer viruses automatically everyday.

No phone lines, No dialing
      wDSL BroadbandXR internet is instantly on with no waiting!

Web Mail webmail provides instant access to your email from anywhere in the world!

      ACCS provides first-class telephone and e-mail internet support to all users for no extra fee!

      Personal internet accounts come with free webspace and ftp access to post your own personal webpage!

  * FREE wDSLXR equipment requires a standard service agreement.