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      ACCS has been building and hosting website for over 29 years! We have designed sites for a wide range of businesses including: Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Law Offices, Government, Radio and more.
      ACCS web architects routinely build complicated database driven websites. We will work with you to deliver the custom website you want.

Call us today! We can help you with your custom web site!

Here is a small sample of our recent webdesign work:
Indianapolis Car Exchange

    Indianapolis Car Exchange is an independently owned wholesale remarketing auction conveniently located on the northwest side of Indianapolis on Interstate 65. ACCS web designers worked with Indianapolis Car Exchange to develop a website to promote their new online car auctions.

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Cory & Southern Realty

    The Cory & Southern website allows visitors to view and search current real estate listings. The site also provides a custom administration interface where agents can manage properties on the website without the need for web designers.

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Lawn Tamer LLC

    Lawn Tamer LLC is a local lawn care company serving the surrounding area for over 20 years. The very knowledgeable staff at Lawn Tamer will help you provide just what your lawn needs to look great all year long.

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