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      ACCS has been on the leading edge of broadband internet access since 2002! We were the first to deploy highspeed wDSL to Frankfort.
No phone lines, No dialing
      wDSL Broadband internet is instantly on with no waiting!

10x faster than dial-up!
      Depending on the plan, wDSL is up to 10x faster than dial-up internet.

Affordable rates!
      Residential wDSL starts at $39.95/month!

SPAM filtered e-mail!
      All ACCS email accounts have our sophisticated spam filter. We use a variety of modern techniques such as: dnsbl, bayesian filters, graylisting, SPF, SURBL, RBL, Black and white lists. Many of the spam settings are configurable from webmail!

VIRUS filtered e-mail!
      All email passing through ACCS mail servers are automatically scanner for viruses! We remove thousands of computer viruses automatically everyday.

Web Mail webmail provides instant access to your email from anywhere in the world!

      ACCS provides first-class telephone and e-mail internet support to all users for no extra fee!

      Personal internet accounts come with free webspace and ftp access to post your own personal webpage!