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Who We Are
    Founded in 1981 as Advanced Computer Systems and incorporated in 1985 as Advanced Computer and Communication Systems, Inc., ACCS is a leading regional information technology (IT) service company. We provide the best strategies, solutions, services and products to help our clients succeed in today's digital economy. ACCS, Inc.'s ISP division ( provides broadband wireless, high speed dedicated, dial-up, web hosting, site development, and other Internet services to thousands of regional customers.

Our Mission
    To enhance your success by providing you the best IT solutions, products, services, support and consultation in the most cost effective manner. Your success is our success.

What We Do
    ACCS helps clients manage the business and technology complexities of today's world. From a small PC network to a midsize network to worldwide Internet connectivity; ACCS can provide design, hardware, software, installation, implementation, testing, service, and support. You may call on us for an entire project or to provide any portion that you are missing. ACCS is adept at working with vendors all over the world to help them extend their reach when they cannot be on-site. We will also be happy to finish projects or solve problems when things are just not right. ACCS is happy to provide help in whatever manner or quantity that you need.

How We Do It
    When you engage ACCS for a solution, we apply a consistent approach to all problems. Our staff's experience and education provides a very large knowledge base from which to draw. Every client receives a true collaboration from the ACCS team. Following is how this process can work for you:

     You approach ACCS with a problem or issue. An ACCS staff member will gather and record whatever information you are able to provide at the time. The next step will be a site visit (unless this is a very simple issue). An ACCS staff member or team will come to your site to investigate and gather detailed data. Once back at the office, ACCS staff members will meet to work over your problem and derive possible solutions. These will be further evaluated, tested, and winnowed down into a solution with options that will work and will be right for you. ACCS will present that solution to you for approval or modification. We will work together until you and ACCS are satisfied with the results. Upon agreement, we will proceed. Our integrity will assure your satisfaction.

Please let us know how we can be of service to you.