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      ACCS has been building corporate servers and workstations for over 42 years! Our servers are built with high end parts designed to keep your business network up and running.
Built to Specification
      All ACCS servers are custom designed and built according to the specific needs of your business network.

Industry Standards
      ACCS utilized industry standard parts and form factors in our server products. This insures that replacement parts down the road will be available and economical.

      Many of our servers are available with redundant power supplies and redundant RAID arrays to keep your critical business data safe.

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
      ACCS servers are built with superior hardware. This ensures a longer life with less maintenance than the 'Big Name' boxes. Many customers continue to use ACCS servers for 6+ years!

Backed by ACCS
      All equipment is fully supported and backed by ACCS.